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Dudley Naumowicz, UK
Enjoyed our stay in the Moscow apartment » read more
Vic Lipski, Wellington, New Zealand
Over a period of two months we found the City Realty agents unfailingly helpful in a complicated transaction that was much more to our advantage than it was to City Realtys. I will readily recommend them to anyone because of their integrity and excellent service. » read more
Dudley Naumowicz, UK
Enjoyed our stay in the Moscow apartment » read more
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Moscow Russia apartments for rent in the center of the city

Rent a Moscow Russia apartment through City Realty – the most reliable name in apartment rentals

Rental Market Overview Moscow

The long term rental market in Moscow Russia is very active. In Moscow the price of the property is determined not only by the main real estate criterion – location, but also by a number of other factors, such as quality of the building, level of renovation, availability of car parking, security, term of lease and even the history of the apartment or the building. All these factors, in their respective weight making up the Moscow apartment rental price, are summarized in the list below:

In the city center, there are three key factors contributing to the price of an apartment – location (that is, central), size / number of rooms, and quality of renovation. This means that a one-bedroom with a total area of 70sqm in the prestigious Patriarshy Ponds area can cost anywhere between $2000 to $3,000.

Also, please note, that when an apartment is called a 2 room, this means a 1 bedroom apartment plus living room. If the apartment is called a 1 room, this means that the living room and bedroom are combined. Prices are usually quoted in dollars or rubles, and rarely, euros.

Examples of Moscow apartment rent prices

$1100 rental price per month

  • A 1 room locally renovated apartment in the center - however this is quite rare and difficult to find. Most likely this will be located outside of the Garden Ring. It will most likely have an entrance from the courtyard and may not be in the best condition.

$1500 - $2500 rental price per month

  • A 1 room, European renovated apartment in the center. The apartment will probably be in a decent location, not necessarily have windows facing the street or a street entrance but it might. The apartment will probably have a modern kitchen and modern bath.
  • A 2 room apartment with Western renovation outside of the center. You are probably looking at the upper range (around $2000) for this.
  • A 2 or 3 room apartment in the center with local renovation. Probably not in Arbat or Tverskaya areas but still centrally located. The apartment will most likely not have a modern kitchen or many modern features but it should still be comfortable and clean.

$2000 - $4000 rental price per month

  • A 2 room apartment with European renovation in the center. Good location, possibly windows facing the street, possibly central entrance. Modern kitchen and bath. This will be similar to what most westerners are used to.
  • An elite renovated one room in the center. Most likely central entrance and good view and good location. Possibly with nice features such as Jacuzzi, etc.

$3000 - $5000 rental price per month

  • A 3 room apartment in the city center with good, European renovation. Modern kitchen and bath. Good location, possibly with windows facing the street and possibly with central entrance.
  • A 2 room apartment in a newly constructed building or a 2 room apartment with elite renovation including good, central entrance and excellent location.

$8000 - $20000 rental price per month

  • Five room or more apartment. Elite renovation in an excellent location with central entrance, good stairwell and security. Usually 2 bathrooms or more. Extras such as fireplace, Jacuzzis and sauna a possibility. Frequently excellent views.

Moscow Russia apartment rentals are our specialty whether for long or short term rent

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